11S1 Review

This semester's been really interesting academically, I've kind of been finding my feet a bit and starting this part way through really didn't help. I'm definitely going to aim to update more regularly (during and after lectures), as well as keeping it to an attainable level.

I really enjoyed all the content I've learnt this semester, although this wiki isn't an accurate representation of it.

Philosophy was interesting. It was fun to talk about inside tutorials and outside, to tell everyone I knew about the assessment I was doing, to (occasionally) do the readings. Troubles with tutorials aside, it was a thought-provoking course, but I felt it could have been more relevantly assessed, had a focus on the more interesting, discussable areas, rather than on dryer topics.

Linguistics was brilliant fun. I utterly adored it. I learnt largely from the textbook, as I actually did the required readings, and hence found the lectures quite dull. We had two lecturers, and they were really quite different in teaching style, but the content was interesting enough to make up for it. I had a few issues with my tutor, but I would really recommend the course.

Discrete maths was a very up and down course. There were parts that were blindingly obvious (“just to remind you a factorial is…”), and parts that were ridiculously confusing, but it averaged out to a reasonably engaging course. The different lecturers were fascinating – my favourite (Wildberger) didn’t put lecture notes up online, so if you didn’t attend the lecture you were left for dead, which was a really interesting experience. This was a compulsory course for computer science.

Maths 1A was also compulsory for computer science (as well as most science/engineering degrees), and really wasn’t that interesting. I sat up the back in all the lectures, so I didn’t make the effort to engage myself, but I found that one lecturer talked too fast, the other too slow, and that neither were particularly interesting. My calculus lecturer (David Angel) was very enthusiastic though, which was nice to see.