Archaea are a domain of life, alongside bacteria and eukaryotes. Archaea are a type of prokaryotes, and they offer clues to early evolutionary life on earth


Archaea live in many varied habitats, from soils and oceans to extreme environments (such as hot springs and salt lakes). For many years only the latter environments were known to house them, and as such they were called extremophiles as a group).


  • No interior membranes
  • No interior organelles
  • Possess a cell wall
  • DNA is a single loop, there is no nucleus

Comparison to Other Domains


Types of Extremophiles

  • Methanogens
    • Live in swamps/marshes
    • Anaerobes - poisoned by O2
  • Halophiles
    • Live in salt lakes
  • Thermophiles
    • Live in hot springs
    • Yellow/orange in colour
    • Like 60-110 degree temperatures