Bacteria are a domain of life and (alongside Archaea) are a form of Prokaryotes. As one of the first life-forms on earth they are one of the most diverse and populous, and can survive almost anywhere (hot springs, radioactive waste, inside organisms - e.g. humans and cockroaches).

There are many different groups and categories of bacteria, and these are studied in bacteriology (subset of microbiology).

Structural Composition

  • All components of life are present
  • Cell membranes
  • Ribosomes (Translate RNA into protein)
  • Flagella and pilli for motion

Shapes of Bacteria

  • Coccus (Circular)
  • Spirochete (Tightly coiled)
  • Spirilla (Spiral shaped)
  • Vibrio (Curved/Comma Shaped)
  • Bacilli (Rod shaped)